In 2015, a survey found that there are garages in about 63% of U.S. houses. If you’re one of these many homeowners, you know that even though floors are something you step on, they can dramatically change the room value.

You’ve also probably considered or used an epoxy garage floor coating, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble by going with an alternative. To learn about the unadvertised downsides of epoxy coatings and much better options, continue reading!

Cons of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

This garage floor coating is popular because of its perceived durability and ease of application. But really this is one of the worst coatings you can use because of its fading properties and multiday drying time.

It is also known to chip easier and be less UV resistant than other coatings. When it degrades, which it will, you’ll have to constantly repair it. To get it entirely redone, you’ll have to pay high fees since the procedure is arduous and requires a lot of grinding labor.

Besides the maintenance downsides, you’ll also feel discomfort with the coldness from the coating on your feet. Additionally, epoxy can be very slippery with water, making parking on a rainy day dangerous. Your children or loved ones could not only slip, but the fumes can cause health problems.

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

For the best garage floor coating for your home, Polyurea is the way to go due to its durability and quick application.

Unlike epoxy, polyurea can be applied fast due to its one-day drying time and application temperature flexibility. It is also low-maintenance since it doesn’t scrape or stain easily. They also don’t yellow or degrade with UV exposure, making them look more pleasing in the long run.

Not only are they resistant to chemicals, but they will also make you resistant to falls. This coating is not as slippery in wet conditions and can be tailored to further reduce the slip risk.

Other Coating Customizations

Your concrete garage floor coating doesn’t have to be boring, it can be metallic or different colors based on your preferences.

Garage Force offers full-chip coating systems for durability and metallic systems for aesthetics. For maximum safety, the Quartz system will make your floors slip-resistant for business or personal use. If you want a more natural look, the Medici system will give you a glossy look using a clear, decorative, and base coat.

The best part about all of these customizations is that since they are often polyurea-based, the process is quick and easy!

Don’t Settle For Epoxy

An epoxy garage floor coating will chip away at your money and time, but polyurea coatings will make your rooms shine!

Garage Force is the best company for your concrete coating needs with our fast installation and financing options! If you’re in Dayton, Ohio you can stop googling “garage floor coating companies near me” and contact us for a quote today!