If you’re interested in getting the best from your house, one of the best things you can do is maintain the garage door. By looking after your garage door you’ll be in a better position to enhance your curb appeal and get better use out of the garage. 

Letting your door fall apart or get dirty will create an eyesore and ruin your property values. So what are some steps you can take?

Here’s what you should know about handling your garage door maintenance for your house. 

Add a Protective Coating to Your Garage Door

Reach out to a company that can provide an epoxy coating to your garage door. There are several coatings you can purchase that will protect the door from ultraviolet (UV) rays so that the sunlight doesn’t strip away the color and create insurmountable damage. 

These coatings are also resistant to moisture, which keeps your garage door at its best despite rain, wind, and snow. When your garage door is protected it’s easier to keep the room organized and at its best. 

Lubricate and Inspect the Springs

You can also get more from your door when you protect the springs. When you lubricate the garage door springs, it’ll keep them from experiencing rust damage and dryness. If the springs get damaged and rusty, they will begin to crack and eventually break. 

When you can’t trust your springs it’ll cause your door to fall apart and even cause injuries. 

Aside from lubricating the springs, you should also give them an eye test from time to time. Look at the springs to make sure they’re not already damaged or rusty. If your springs are old or unable to produce tension, it’s better to replace them than to try to repair them. 

Clean the Door Tracks and Monitor How it Performs

Keeping your garage door clean and at its best will improve your home and its curb appeal. Aside from cleaning the panels, you should also make sure that the tracks are clean and free of obstructions. 

If your garage door track is clogged or damaged then the door will be slow or unable to lift or lower. These tracks can sometimes become littered with sticks and leaves in the fall. Check these tracks at least once per month to make sure you’re not letting the clutter mount up.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the garage door and how it moves. It should move fluidly without struggling or making the motor work hard. Test the reversal system as well to make certain that the door is safe to use over the years. 

Routine home inspections will keep your property at its absolute best. Get the door checked out at least once per year by a professional company. 

Hire Garage Door Maintenance When You Need It

These garage door maintenance tips will keep your garage at its best. When you handle your garage door maintenance it’ll be cheaper to operate and you’ll be less likely to deal with problems. 

We’d be happy to help you with your garage door maintenance. Take the time to book an appointment online or call us at (937)265-8519.