If you’ve got a garage, you’re one of the lucky few. Although often the ‘forgotten room,’ it shouldn’t be left as your own personal tip. 

Most people have a drawer, room, or other dedicated space for all the useless things they’ve accumulated over the years; unfortunately, this often ends up being the garage. 

If you’re looking to declutter and organize your garage, it could be a big task. But, if you do it the right way, it could be unrecognizable and perfect for all your storage needs. 

Read on to learn about how to sort out and maintain a clean garage. 

Make a Plan 

The first step to garage organization is to make a de-cluttering plan. This will help you stay on track and get the results you want. Consider each task you need to do, how long it will take, who will do it, and when they will do it. 

Write your tasklist down, pin it on the wall, and enjoy crossing things off as you do them. 

Start From Scratch 

If you’ve been hoarding, you may need to start again if you want a clean garage; try to empty it and start from scratch.

If you have a garden, put all the things there under a tarp while you clean the garage from top to bottom. It’s time to evict every spider, cobweb, and loose screw. 

Make the Most Of the Walls 

Once you’ve got a spotless garage, it’s time to hire a painter. Choose a light hue that will brighten up the space to make sure your garage isn’t dark and miserable anymore. 

Once the walls are painted, consider space-saving devices that can be hung on the walls. This maximizes floor space, making the room seem organized and spacious. 

Revamp the Floors  

The final step before putting things back inside is to take a good look at your garage floor. For lasting results, you should hire a professional to re-do the floor. 

Invest in a UV-resistant floor coating that won’t yellow or fade over time. You should also request a second layer of floor coating to prevent moisture from getting into the concrete and causing problems down the line. 

Suitable garage floor coatings should have a stain-resistant finish that looks great, is functional, and practical. 

Tidy Up 

Finally, it’s time to load everything back into the garage. Make the most of space-saving gadgets, durable cabinets, and label everything. If you want to keep your garage a pleasant place to be, all your things should have an obvious home. That way, it’s easy to keep tidy. 

A final word of warning; consider each item before putting it back. Do you really need it? Have dedicated ‘trash,’ ‘sell,’ and ‘give away’ piles and make sure you’re not holding onto junk you don’t need anymore. 

Declutter and Organize Your Garage Today 

There you have it, a simple guide to how to declutter and organize your garage: no more tacky garage floor, walls, and trip hazards. 

If you want optimal garage storage, it’s time for a complete overhaul. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: start planning, empty your garage, paint the walls, get sturdy floor coatings, and make sure you keep it tidy. 

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